Thursday, August 16, 2012

Haroro Will Get Married

little kid Haha will get married.
i accidentally read that news few days ago. yes, i was really shocked and galaued T.T i am his big fan and of course i didn't believe that news, but it turned out right T.T little kid Haha will get married.

i am really flabbergasted. but a true fan will support :') i must understand this condition *halah u,u

as he said, "If the Smurfs were to get married, then they would have baby Smurfs. If Pororo was to get married, then he would baby Pororos. It will be much easier on you if you then think that i will also have baby Haroros" T.T it calmed me, mmmm a little bit T.T

"I’ve even thought up names, my first child will be Ha Gi Reul. I wish it was a son. It would then be great if he became a football player. I plan to invest crazy amounts of money into this. My 2nd child will be Ha So Seo and it would be good if they became a prosecutor. My third child will be a daughter and she will be named Ha Mo Ne (Harmony). It would be good if she was good at arts or music." he's really cute, isn't it? i hope it will come true u,u

“You are living on a different star (Byul, his fiance's name, in Korea means 'star') now while I’m still living on Earth. When you look down on Earth sometimes and see something sparkling, just know that those are my eyes. Oh by the way, I’m not sending you any money for your wedding. Don’t contact me anymore. Phone banking won’t work anymore either since you’re on a different star now.” this was what Kim Jae Dong said to Haha :)

i've ever said to my friend, in my galau condition, "i'm really sad. why he don't know what i feel T.T why?" and she replied, "why you shall be sad? .___. do you want him?"
hahahaha. it's so funny realizing what i've said. weird. why i shall be sad :3 
mmmmm may be this is what a fan feel. but as i've ever said before, a true fan will support. so, congratulation Haha Oppa, good luck, saranghae! :D

he's so handsome u,u fufufu~

saranghaeyo Haha oppa


since i can't meet Haha Oppa in real, i took a photo with Haha-Oppa-Wannabe (middle), my physics teacher, Mr. Sus! :D hahaha, peace Pak u,u